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Wednesday, 24 April 2024
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    Community housing accreditation course January 2019

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    Lyvennet Community Trust, Crosby Ravensworth

    David Graham with Rory Stewart MP dedicating the time capsule for Stoneworks Garth. Picture by F C Wilson

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    Keswick Community Housing Trust

    Allerdale Borough Council visit to the Hopes scheme

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    Trustees, community members and supporters at the opening of the Hopes scheme

    Picture courtesy of the Keswick Reminder, December 2013.

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    Leeds Community Homes team meeting

Andy Lloyd

Community Led Homes Accredited Adviser

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Community Led Housing can

  • Help people to stay close to their jobs and families and maintain social links and support.
  • Help retain employees.
  • Provide functional sized homes able to retain families in their communities and live effective lives.
  • Help combat loneliness through models like Co-Housing which combine private and community spaces, sharing resources more sustainably
  • Protect homes for future generations
  • Maximise affordability, provide household stability and free up income to spend in the local economy
  • Lead to development of other assets which the community needs - community buildings, green spaces, food and energy production.
  • Generate surpluses further down the road which can be re-invested in the community
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