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Sunday, 23 September 2018
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    Helsington CLT, Brigsteer

    Members show their proposed site to representatives of the CLT Fund

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    Lyvennet Community Trust, Crosby Ravensworth

    David Graham with Rory Stewart MP dedicating the time capsule for Stoneworks Garth. Picture by F C Wilson

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    Keswick Community Housing Trust

    Allerdale Borough Council visit to the Hopes scheme

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    Trustees, community members and supporters at the opening of the Hopes scheme

    Picture courtesy of the Keswick Reminder, December 2013.

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    Eco housing at Findhorn, Scotland

Andy Lloyd

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How can I help?

Local CLT enablers and the National Network have extensive experience of CLT delivery making it easier to deliver new CLTs. 

For communities: I can shoulder the burden making it easier for you to achieve your aims

  • Explain the CLT model
  • Access start up funding
  • Present case studies and arrange visits
  • Assist the set-up and running of steering groups
  • Assist with consultations
  • Help create local partnerships
  • Assist with land identification and landowner negotiations
  • Assess viability
  • Navigate the funding pathway
  • Provide template documents
  • Introduce company forms and link to specialist legal advice
  • Develop and manage business plans
  • Navigate the housing grant process if required
  • Provide full project management

 For Local Authorities:

  • Demonstrating self funded cross subsidy CLT finances. Showing how LAs can play a vital investment partner role, helping to secure permanent affordable housing, then recouping with interest.
  • Showing how CLTs can deliver for rural and urban communities, on low cost or commercial land or asset transfers.
  • Provide enabling for communities getting them to the point of incorporation
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