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Wednesday, 24 April 2024

Andy Lloyd

Community Led Homes Accredited Adviser

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Lyvennet Community Trust



In March 2007 a steering group began work on the Lyvennet Valley Community Plan.  Over 200 questionnaires were completed by community households – a 72% return rate – providing a wealth of information.  The completed plan was published in May 2009. The consultation resulted in 41 Action points with affordable Housing being the second highest priority. So in 2008 we asked Cumbria Rural Housing Trust (CRHT) to carry out a parish housing survey which confirmed the extent of need. We were aware that Andy had recently been employed by CRHT as the Community Land Trust Officer, so we invited him to talk to the parish Housing Group which gradually led to the formation of the Lyvennet Community Trust. Andy supported our group throughout helping us apply to the CLT Network for start up funding and create a partnership with the Local Authority. He also put us in touch with the CLT Fund which helped us to buy our site, introduced Charity Bank who became our lender, and introduced us to the Homes and Communities Agency who provided grant towards the scheme.

David Graham
Lyvennet Community Trust
April 2016

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